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5 Mattress Quality Essential For A Good Night’s Sleep

A mattress should be comfortable enough to support a good night’s sleep. A consistent sleep that is not constantly disturbed due to uncomfortable positions or bed structure is what you need to ensure a fresh start in the morning. But what if your mattress is old and depressed? It can lead to constant muscle sores in the neck, head, and back regions.


An inconsistent sleep pattern can make you moody and irritable, so it is best to buy a new mattress instead of dealing with the same old, distressed one. With so many choices in the market, you might find it difficult to decide which one is the best for you. There are ways to evaluate which mattress is the most appealing in terms of sleep. Read ahead to find out more.

How To Choose A Mattress?

Whether you’re buying a bed online or getting it from the market, you should look for the following features. A mattress having these qualities will not only last longer, but also help you sleep a lot better.

1.   Firmness:

A lot of people confuse firmness with support, but firmness is not the defining factor in all cases. This factor is a bit challenging to understand and depends upon each person’s personal preference. A wood plank is adequately firm, whereas a cloud is extremely un-firm, but the right mattress maintains a balance.


Mattress firmness is generally rated on a 1-10 scale. So, if you like to sleep on something cushioning, a 2-3 firmness level is ideal. A 4-6 scale measures medium in the firmness scale, whereas a 7-9 rating is nicely firm. Decide which one supports your sleep the best and get one that suits your personal needs.

2.   Texture:

Texture may not make a major difference, but if you are looking for something that offers the most comfort, a minimal pattern is relatively better. You are going to lay your bed sheets and comforters on top of the baseline texture, but it can make a difference for those who have difficulty sleeping. For them, even the slightest seams and patterns pushing against their body can seem like a considerable factor.

3.   Fabric And Material:

Mattresses have different supporting elements. Some manufacturers use springs and others develop memory foams for best results. Air mattresses and water beds also provide an elevated level of comfort. The former is inflated with air, whereas the latter contains free-flowing water.


The quality of your sleep is reliant on many variables here, making the choice a bit confusing. We believe personal preference is the right way to go. Try different mattresses when you are at the store, or discuss the features of each with the retailer to decide which one would support your sleep the best.

4.   Size:

The size of your mattress relies on the dimensions of your bed. But, one factor to consider is that the larger the size, the higher will be the cost. As a general rule of thumb, if you are someone who stretches out and moves a lot while sleeping, a larger mattress size might be suitable. Additionally, if you share your bed with someone, a queen size might be the right choice.

5.   Price:

Price is a variable factor that relies on size, material, and adjustability of the mattress. It might be a limiting factor for you, but it is okay to invest a bit extra in order to get the right product. The more money you throw in, the better quality and longevity you will receive. That is why it is essential to define a budget that does not limit your choice too much.



Here are the five mattress qualities to consider while making a purchase. If you feel like you are unable to buy the desired quality in your existing budget, you can check out mattress on sale on Sairsam. We offer the best quality mattresses at reasonable rates!

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