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6 Things To Look For When Getting a New Bed

You spend too much time in bed!

Did you know that an average person in the UK sleeps approximately one-third of their life? That figure does not even take into account the time it TAKES to sleep! So you see, a lot of your time is spent in bed. 

If you spend this much time in bed, don’t you think the bed you sleep in is also extremely important? After all, getting the best bed possible should be one of your prime objectives.

So, what factors to consider before buying a new bed? 

6 things to consider while buying a bed

  • The Design

A bed is not something you change often. It’s there to stay for a lot of years, probably a lifetime in some cases. So it is important to consider the design of the bed. Does it go with the colour combination of your room? Does it look good enough to you? How would it look in your room? These are all important questions you need to ask yourself while buying a new bed.

Some people prefer chic and trendy designs while some would rather get something elegant and graceful. Brown, wooden designs depicting the old times and culture are also very in these days.

Keep your own preference in mind before you decide on one because unlike a lot of things in life, your bed is here to stay!

  • The Size

The size of the bed is one of the most important factors and plays a deciding role in buying a bed. Frankly, this usually depends on the size of the room. If your room is small, a kin size bed is only going to make it look congested and ruin the beauty of the room. The bed is the only thing noticeable in the room and all the space will be occupied. Sorta annoying, if you ask us.

If you have a bigger room, a queen or king-size bed should be the most obvious choice.

  • Comfort

We think that’s most important because honestly, what is the bed even for if it does not even provide you with a good night’s sleep? Comfort is perceptive, though. Some people would prefer a soft bed and a cushioned headboard while some would want a tough headboard and a relatively firmer bed. 

  • Height

This is one thing we believe people forget to think about while purchasing a bed. Many people have knee problems and might have issues in getting up from a bed that is very low in height. Similarly, a taller bed might not be suitable for other people. Do keep in mind this key factor while getting the perfect bed for yourself.

  • Quality

We understand that beds are expensive, but it is not an expense that needs to be carried out every day. You may be on a budget, but do keep in mind that a low-quality bed will only end up being unfavourable to you in the long run. 

So, do check out different beds and compare qualities before you finally decide on the bed you want. 

  • Mattress

Even though it’s not exactly part of the bed, there is no point in getting a good bed if the mattress is not up to the mark. 

So, when you buy the bed, think about the mattress as well. The definition of a good mattress will also differ according to the needs of different people.

Some people prefer a soft one, while others would want a firm one. What one prefers also depends on the health conditions of people. For example, people with back problems would prefer an ortho mattress.

Bottom line: You do you!

You would be surprised to see the different variety of mattresses beds now available in bed stores in the UK according to one’s needs and wants. 

Bottom line: the decision is yours and you can choose whatever suits your preference. 

Looking to buy beds in the UK?

Browse through our wide variety of beds to choose the one perfect for you. You could even buy beds online to avoid the hassle of going to bed stores. You won’t be disappointed. 

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