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Bed Size Assortment Guide


Damaging your head over which bed size to buy? We understand that your difficulty, so we have implemented a simple bed guide to help you make the right choice.

But before we grow in that, let us support you with measuring your bed.

To measure your bed, first, remove it from all the bedding and accomplices. You will need a retractable calculating line, a record, and a pen. Commence by locating one end of the line on the left corner of the bed and secure it. Now pull the tape till you are at the best corner. Enter down the measurement. This is the width of your bed.

For the length, rise by installing the tape at the central top of your bed, and lock it. Instantly increase the tape to you are at the behind of the bed. Here is the length of your bed.

Assure that the steps are of the bed hole and not end-to-end so that your mattress directions fit snugly next to your bed.

With the length and the width dimensions, you can simply take the right bed for your term.

Here are some of the usual bed sizes available in the market.


  • King size bed: A king-size bed is usually 72 inches(1.8 m) wide and 72 to 78 inches (1.83m to 1.98m) long. These are just basic measurements, but the sizes could also vary depending on the seller. This site is a good fit for two adults who prefer to have plenty of personal space or two adults and a growing child. the king-size cot is 78 inches(1.98 m) long and 72 inches(1.83 m) wide.


  • Double bed: These beds are usually 48 inches(1.22 m) wide and range between 72 to 75 inches(1.83m to 1.91m) in length. They are ideal for a single adult who likes their individual space but will make a close fit for two adults. It is a good accommodation within a single bed and a queen-size bed. These cots are practical and fitting for more modest residences. As such, they are normally fancied by freshly graduated adults or teens.
  • Single bed: The most popular option for raising children, a single bed can be 30, 36, or 42 inches(76.2 cm, 91.4 cm, 1.07 m) in width and 72 to 78 inches(1.83m to 1.98m) in length. Double beds can perfectly suit a single child and make for easy adjustments, in case you want to put two side by side in a shared room or require to stack them up for a bed. Those beds or modifications of it are also prevalent in dorm rooms, hotels, etc.



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