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Designer Features:

  • Winged Headboard
  • Spanish Upholstery
  • Chrome feet
  •  Diamante buttons
  • Solid board base
  • Headboard height 138″

The Buckingham Bed is specially designed by keeping the royalty of Buckingham in mind. Lying on this feels like you are the one in the power of the nation. It is covered with the rarest types of fabrics which makes it more imperial and enhances its comfort zone. It is specially designed to improve the sleeping experiences because it is very important to get a convenient sleep to stay active and energized during the whole day.

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    Gas Lift: It reveals plentiful storage space underneath. They provide greater storage capacity than a drawer bed since you can make full use of the storage space underneath the bed. 

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The bed comes up with the smooth finish of the superior 3 options of velvet to opt according to your choice:
* Plush Velvet
* Crush Velvet
* Naples Fabric
Plush velvet
The dignified plush velvet is known for its illustrious feel and next-level comfort. It provides the satisfaction of being in a perfect state of body while lying on the bed.
Crush Velvet
The gently crushed velvet provides extraordinary smoothness on its surface to the one resting on the bed and it is extremely sensible. The crushed velvet has a shimmering outlook and is so soft to feel.
Naples fabric
The silkiness of this fabric makes the sleeping experience next to class. It is used in various complexes such as sofa covers, pillows, and here for beds.
Your bed can also be customized with a gas lift by which you can easily get enough space for your unused stuff or unwanted items.


Additional information

Choose your Fabric - Default : Sapphire Plush

Sapphire Plush, Plush Velvet-Black, Plush Velvet-Blue, Plush Velvet-Purple, Plush Velvet-Green, Plush Velvet-Maroon, Plush Velvet-Mink, Plush Velvet-Mustard, Plush Velvet-Pink, Plush Velvet-Silver, Plush Velvet-Steel


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