Prime Deal Hilton Bed
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Prime Deal Hilton Bed

Designer Features

  • Spanish Upholstery
  •  Chrome feet
  • Solid board base
  • 4-inch solid thick frame
  • Double beaded wings
  • headboard height 32″

Do you know? A perfect sleep leads a man towards the perfect future. The invention of the “Hilton” Bed is mainly to cope with sleeplessness or sleep break. The extra smooth and comfort-rich
silver plush fibre provides you with the emotions of one to lose in the dreams of their interest. The extra comfiness of this bed leads you to a whole new era of a sleeping experience. The eye-catching colour of the bed leads to a great addition to your bedroom and its size is also perfect for a normal-sized bedroom.


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    Gas Lift: It reveals plentiful storage space underneath. They provide greater storage capacity than a drawer bed since you can make full use of the storage space underneath the bed. 


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The bed comes up with the smooth finish of the superior 3 options of velvet to opt according to your choice:
* Plush Velvet
* Crush Velvet
* Naples Fabric
Plush velvet
The plush velvet is popular for its shininess and extra smooth feathery fabric which provides a soft touch to the body. A feeling of satisfaction comes into play when the comfy material of silver
plush with the chemistry of fluffiness provides sponginess to this material.
Crush Velvet
The material is as smooth as the feathery wings of birds of heaven. The soft texture and depth of colour can attract anyone to itself. Its super easy-to-clean quality makes it more affordable and easy to handle fabric of all.
Naples fabric
It is covered with the rarest types of fabrics which makes it more imperial and enhances its comfort zone and it is Famous for its no fasten colour and longevity quality which persists for decades.


Additional information

Choose your Fabric - Default : Sapphire Plush

Sapphire Plush, Plush Velvet-Black, Plush Velvet-Blue, Plush Velvet-Purple, Plush Velvet-Green, Plush Velvet-Maroon, Plush Velvet-Mink, Plush Velvet-Mustard, Plush Velvet-Pink, Plush Velvet-Silver, Plush Velvet-Steel


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