Prime Deal Sunrise Bed
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Prime Deal Sunrise Bed

Designer Features:

  • Silver Naple
  • Winged headboard
  • Beaded headboard
  • Chrome feet
  • 4” solid thick frame
  • Solid board base
  • headboard height 138″

As the name suggests, this bed is certainly designed to catch your attention. Ravishingly bold and stylish this bed will lighten up your mood like a ray of sunshine. Serene, elegant and beautiful this sunrise bed will harmonize perfectly with other items in your area. The low footboard makes it suitable for tall people or to watch your favourite show before a good night’s sleep. The winged headboard is Upholstered in Naples silver fabric that offers a gentle silky feel and a simple pleasure to the eye, with upholstered beads. Our sunrise bed will make your space whispering of elegance and beauty.


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    Gas Lift: It reveals plentiful storage space underneath. They provide greater storage capacity than a drawer bed since you can make full use of the storage space underneath the bed. 


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You can choose three types of fabric according to your liking and absolute comfort. The bed, by default, comes with silver naple fabric
1. Plush Velvet
2. Crush velvet
3. Naples fabric
Plush velvet:
The bed, by default, comes with grey plush velvet, which is soft, durable, and striated texturally woven fabric; it has a luxurious feel and a superb colour. Forgiving of stains and cleaning up a treat. Plush velvet’s excellent quality helps to repel liquids. You will fall in love with this fabric.
Crush velvet:
The Ultra-luxurious crushed velvet is explicitly used to design beautiful upholstery and soft furnishings. The fabric is observed in the best interior designs and upholstery upgrades. The exterior is textured from the attractive crushed effect, giving it a high lustre—a mid-weight and taut structure make it perfect for soft furnishings and upholstery use.
Naples Fabric:
The rich and comfortable Naples fabric has a silky feel with artistic style on upholstery items like headboards and bases. You can choose from a variety of vibrant colours. This irresistibly soft fabric leaves you in awe, designed for elegant living.
We can customize the sunrise bed according to your preference by adding a gas lift feature. It exhibits ample storage area underneath, creating a greater area for storage than a drawer bed because you can make full use of the storage space underneath the bed.


Additional information

Choose your Fabric - Default : Sapphire Plush

Sapphire Plush, Plush Velvet-Black, Plush Velvet-Blue, Plush Velvet-Purple, Plush Velvet-Green, Plush Velvet-Maroon, Plush Velvet-Mink, Plush Velvet-Mustard, Plush Velvet-Pink, Plush Velvet-Silver, Plush Velvet-Steel


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