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Designer Features:

  • Cream Plush Velvet
  • Chrome Feet
  • Solid Board Base
  • 4” solid thick frame
  • Headboard height 132″

Whether it’s breakfast in bed with your better half or simply a night of slumbering, this cream plush velvet fabric bed helps in making your relaxing time more ravishing. The size of the headboard truly makes all your decorating dreams come true. Graceful lines furnish this design with a modern feel. This Spanish upholstery Majestic bed comes shipped in a box with everything you wish to simply set it up by yourself or with your loved one. Available in various excellent colours, sizes, and fabrics.

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    Gas Lift: It reveals plentiful storage space underneath. They provide greater storage capacity than a drawer bed since you can make full use of the storage space underneath the bed. 

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Delivery and Shipment

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  • All deliveries are Standard, 7 to 10 working days.

You can choose 3 types of fabric variants of the best as your favorite one according to your choice:
* Plush Velvet
* Crush Velvet
* Naples Fabric
Plush Velvet: Gorgeous plush is a first quality velvet. This plush velvet is extremely soft and has a delicate texture. Made from soft material, this exquisite velvet is made to last for decades.
Crush Velvet: The rich texture of crushed velvet is suitable for beds and gives you a comfy feel all the time. There is nothing that will hinder it to make it an ideal bed to buy. The superior comfiness of the bed comes up with a gentle touch for your body.
Naples Fabric: Naple fabrics are known for their superior quality of material for their longevity and easy to clean quality and it is as soft as the petals of a flower. Naples fabric is also popular for its no-fasten colour.
Your bed can also be customized with a gas lift by which you can easily get enough space for your unused stuff or unwanted items.


Additional information

Choose your Fabric - Default : Sapphire Plush

Sapphire Plush, Plush Velvet-Black, Plush Velvet-Blue, Plush Velvet-Purple, Plush Velvet-Green, Plush Velvet-Maroon, Plush Velvet-Mink, Plush Velvet-Mustard, Plush Velvet-Pink, Plush Velvet-Silver, Plush Velvet-Steel


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