Topaz Bed

Designer Features:

The Topaz bed has an exquisite padded laden headboard with fire-resistant velvet. The gorgeous bed reflects an aura that adds to the beauty of your room. 

  • Handcrafted in the UK with heavy-duty chipboard for durability
  • Luxurious fire-resistant velvet for safety and elegance
  • Chrome feet-solid board base for foundational support
  • Luxurious type winged headboards with a 132cm height
  • Solid think and board base to ensure the bed never fails in its indestructibility
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    • 285 £



    Gas Lift: It reveals plentiful storage space underneath. They provide greater storage capacity than a drawer bed since you can make full use of the storage space underneath the bed. 

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Bed Type

Gas lift with or without storage

The gas lift provides the advantage for spacious storage underneath. You can store
as much as you in that greater area unlike the drawer bed.


The ‘Topaz” comes with exquisite style, which is having a padded headboard laden
with sumptuous smooth velvet. This gorgeous bed set reflects epic sophistication
that surely adds to the beauty of your room. It can be upholstered in any of the
three fabrics that come with vertical stitch through addition of diamonds or

There sturdy and solid design allows for durability and comfortable mattress
support. The padded headboard makes you stay relaxed by propping up with it as
you watch TV or while reading a book.

Design Features

➢ Silver Plush Velvet- Cool fabric that adds to gentle touch only.
➢ Chrome Feet- This kind adds to the beauty and decorative accent of the legs.
➢ Solid Board Base- Base of the bed is solid and strong that lasts long.
➢ Winged Headboard- This a unique design that looks chic for the bed.
➢ 4 inches solid thick frame- The thick frame of the bed is strong and durable
offering utmost support.

Fabric Type

When it comes to fabric, there are varied choices to choose. Each of them gives
different feeling and touch but do guarantee softness and gentleness that is vital for
sleep. We offer the following types to the customers.

a. Plush
b. Crush
c. Naple

If it’s ‘Plush’, then you will have that soft and comfortable touch. Where the
composition can either be natural or polyester. With ‘Crush,’ comes enhanced
intricate design and feel, as it gets developed through a detailed process and it stays
different. If you choose ‘Naple’ it reflects heavy, velvet feel, which is ideal for
bigger bedrooms.

Additional information

Plush Velvet

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